Wheel of Fortunate

It’s not the ideas that come quickly. It the feeling that I must do them. Draw, build, create, walk, exercise. Flying around in my head. All day.

The ideas stack up and I do to have time to get to all of them. The ones I don’t get to get forgotten about and I move one to the new list. Everyday it’s something.

Crest a web page. Paint a model. Build a house. Build a deck. Redesign a trailer. Buy jewelry. Sell my motorcycle. Make a secret door. Make a video. Get a passport. Go to the doctor. Diet. Walk more. Don’t talk so much. Hide. Follow through.

I think I will now think of it like a giant wheel spinning. What ever it lands on, I’ll do. Everything else I don’t do are just other options.

Blaza blaza whoop da woo

Hit or miss.