Low Battery

My phone keeps saying this. It probably takes energy to tell me I have low energy,

It takes gas to carry gas. Gas is 6 pounds a gallon. So 30 gallons is 180 pounds.

Here is what a smart person would say:

Assuming the fuel tank is half full on average, the density of fuel is 0.75 ๐‘˜๐‘”/๐‘™

0.75kg/l (ref.), so the mass of fuel is 25ร—0.75=18.75 ๐‘˜๐‘”


The car and fuel weighs 1218.75 ๐‘˜๐‘”


The amount of energy used to transport the fuel alone is 18.75รท1218.75=1.5385%


The fuel used to carry fuel over the car’s lifetime is 7.2ร—3000ร—0.015385=332.3 ๐‘™

Do there you have it. Nothing is free.